Women’s circles

We extend a warm invitation for you to become part of the Sisterhood! Women’s circles offer a nurturing haven, a place where you can come together with other women, nurture your soul, and awaken the wise woman within you.

At Putting You First, Janine and I have curated a 6-week immersion program that serves as an introduction to the profound magic of Women’s Circles. In this sacred space, you might find laughter, tears, and a sense of coming home to your true self.

A Women’s Circle is…

– A sanctuary for transformation, self-love, connection, and empowerment.

– A judgment-free realm where members can be vulnerable, authentic, and courageously share.

– An intentional gathering for mutual support, celebration, co-creation, and the reclamation of our inner power.

While our circle is not a place for coaching, fixing, or saving one another, it is a place where we come together to bestow compassion and love in a safe sanctuary. Each member simply needs to show up, share their experiences as they are, and have faith in the natural healing power of the circle.

Circles represent one of the most ancient methods of fostering connections and building robust communities. As you may know, there is a unique kind of magic that emerges when women come together.

Janine and I are dedicated to uniting women to lift each other up. We aim to provide a sanctuary where every woman can feel safe and loved, where we are all heard, respected, valued, and supported. It’s a space where every one of us matters, where we can connect, evolve, and bolster one another. Perhaps joining a women’s circle will be your initial stride toward creating your own circle in your community.

All we ask of those who choose to join our circles is to arrive with an open heart and an open mind. We promise to do the same.

With warmth and love,

Sarah x